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Free Workshop

We conduct free Career Guidance workshops in schools and colleges enabling students to make an educated career choice. These 3 hour workshops are usually filled with fun activities, an address/performance by experts/counselors who we call Innovators and a clear action plan for students to follow their dream.

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Passion is often the difference between failure and success in all walks of life, including jobs and careers. To help your child progress towards a successful career, there are parameters that need to be considered and aligned:
Your child's Interests & Personality
Cognitive abilities
Choice of Career
Education Path - College, Graduation, Post Graduation and so on
The test that your child is about to take is based on internationally proven Holland's theory of Vocational Personalities in Work Environments, commonly known as Holland codes theory. This theory propounds that people and occupations have unique characteristics and that both of these characteristics can be measured. The theory goes onto say that individuals have greater job satisfaction when they take up jobs that match the characteristics they hold.

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Secondary education (classes 9 to 10) (age 14 to 15): stress management, self-motivation

Upper secondary (classes 11 to 12) (age 16 to 17): initiative, interpersonal sensitivity Higher education (graduation or professional programmes): commercial awareness, problem solving, lifelong learning.


  • Duration

    3 Days, 7 hours per day (includes break for lunch and snacks)

  • Target Students

    7th Grade to 12th Grade

  • Follow up after the Workshop for Students and Parents

    Students can seek clarifications/support by Email or Skype or over the phone with the Trainer.
    Parents are provided with a manual with details of the techniques taught in the Workshop and keeping a track on the implementation of the techniques.

  • Workshop Material given to Each Participant

    Memory Filing System – Basic & Periodic Table
    Study Card (50 Nos.)
    Bruce Lee Letter
    Concentration Techniques
    Exam Preparation Techniques
    Time Management Sheets
    Any Time Motivation (ATM) Card
    Brain Exercises for Everyday Practice
    Smart / Outstanding Performer Card
    Daily Planner
    Weekly Planner with Revision Tracker
    10,000 Hour Rule Tracker
    CD with Videos, Presentations & Documents
    Medals – Gold, Silver, Bronze (For Winners)
    Course Completion Certificate


Concentration Techniques
Concentration Techniques Benefits
Alpha State Meditation Alpha State Meditation Achieve relaxation and increase concentration
Brain Integration Exercises Be active for long hours, concentrate & focus
Power Breathing Relaxation Technique & Increases Concentration
Sri Yantra Increases communication between left & right brain
Study Techniques
Study Techniques Benefits
Key Diagrams Create Own Images for Long Answers
Key Words Remember Long Answers & Concepts
Lateral Thinking Develop out of box thinking. Enjoy Learning
Mind Maps Make quick notes and remember easily
Puzzle Solving Develops out of box thinking and innovation
Scientific Revision Method Things to do and not to do One month before exams
Stress Management Reduce stress Levels and keep anger in control
Study Card Read, revise & recall any time, anywhere!
Study Sheets Huge Time Saver!. Reduces Revision Time by 50%
Memory Techniques
Memory Techniques Benefits
4 Dimensions of Memory Explains How and why do we remember?
Guided Imagination Quick way to Remember List of items or keywords
Journey Method Remember Keywords or Key points of an answer
Link Method Remember Key Points & Long Answers
Memory Body Remember things, objects, people, places easily
Memory Classroom Remember Keywords, Key points & Facts
Memory Clock Remember everyday tasks & appointments
Memory Filing System 100 Memory Files created for lifelong use
Mental Alarm Makes a student wake up early morning, on Time!
Mnemonics Cues to remember information
Remembering Dates & Places Dates in History / Science can be remembered easily
Remembering Mobile Nos. Good Mental Exercise. Increases Memory Power
Remembering Names & Faces Increases Interpersonal Relations & Self Confidence
Remembering Objects & Numbers Make a quick list and remember Instantly
Remembering Periodic Table Enjoy Chemistry. Less Stress in Exams
Brain Integration Exercises
Brain Integration Exercises Benefits
4 Levels of Practice for Success Increases communication between left & right brain
Exam Preparation – Last 3 Months Remove Exam Phobia. Builds Self Confidence
Examination Hall Techniques Time Management & strategy to score more marks
Multi Choice Questions – Easy method Solve multiple choice questions easily
Remembering Diagrams Learn Science in an easy & funny way
Remembering Formulae Remember formulae & easily recall them in exams
Time Management Prioritize everyday work, identify time wasters
Success Techniques
Success Techniques Benefits
212 Degree – Any Time Motivation Self-Motivation Techniques to achieve Success
Bruce Lee Letter Identify a lifelong mission and commit oneself
Mind Cheat Generate Positive thoughts, avoid negative thoughts
SMART Goal Learn how to make Short term & Long term Goals

E Learning solutions to School students:

emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment. Our focus is to integrate technology with learning.

 Empowerment for Excellence in EXAMS

It is a workshop to empower the students with the right motivation, memory skills, exam study techniques & strategies for excellence in exams. It’s conducted for students appearing for board exams – Grade 10 and 12 in Schools / Colleges / Public Seminar Hall / Auditorium during January and February every year.

Speed Maths-3 Days Workshop for Students

SPEED MATHS is a workshop to empower the students to gain knowledge of basic maths in a faster way and easy way.
The easier the method you use to solve a problem, the faster you will solve it and there is less chance of making a mistake. The more complicated the method you use, the longer you take to solve it and greater the chance of making a mistake.
This workshop has been designed in this manner that it can be understood by each and every student having little knowledge of mathematics.

Benefits of Speed Maths

  • Speed Maths is 15 times faster than normal Maths.
  • It is easy, simple and straightforward.
  • Makes Maths more Enjoyable.
  • It encourages mental calculations.
  • The most natural way of working can be learned
  • Fear of Maths is gone forever!
  • Increases Confidence in Maths
  • Mastery of Maths with less effort
  • Builds Self esteem
  • Parents find relief that their child is happy with Maths !

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